Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anniversary Celebration at LoRusso's

We celebrated our 36th anniversary by using our gift certificate to LoRusso's.  We had never been there, but we were very impressed with almost everything about the restaurant.  The atmosphere is very romantic complete with a piano player.  We had a great table that was tucked into a cubby-hole with drapes surrounding it for nearly complete privacy and low-noise.  The food was awesome.  Dad had some sort of halibut with conch and a chili reduction glaze, and I had a filet with asiago cream sauce.  I've got photos of some of the food, which I'll post later.
Since it was our anniversary we received the free dessert and a photo to take home.  The waitress was extraordinary.  A perfect evening.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chicago Week-end

We had a great time in Chicago with Rachel and Josh.  It was the week-end of my birthday and they treated me to a fabulous breakfast/brunch at Orange - which is a very cool place that I definitely would like to patronize again.  The Field Museum was remarkable and not do-able in one day, or even one week-end.  Josh took us up to his office and we got to see where he works (or pretends to work :-)).
That casserole that Rachel is holding was a yummy breakfast casserole that we had before we went to the Field Museum.  She has a nick-name for it, but I have forgotten what it is, so maybe she'll remind me here.
Lots of fun -- thanks to our hosts!