Monday, January 12, 2009

Beach life is good...

Since everyone else weighs in on Monday, I will too. As of this morning I've lost 5 lbs. YAY!!

Keep those recipes coming. I'm doing ok, but I think John might revolt if I feed him one more salad.

Surfing in on The Beach...

Okay -- we're back where the action is with sand between our toes. We can't worry about the storm damage now -- just repair and push forward.

Loss for the week.....

Mommy 9.5 lbs (I guess I swallowed a lot of water during the storm).

Cap'n 0.5 lbs

(tee-hee -- I win).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm on my way...

Started the beach on Tuesday morning and already lost 2 lbs. Yay! If only that rate would keep up I'd be Kate Moss by a week from Thursday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

possible beach help...

I found this blog that is essentially a cooking blog, but the chef lost a bunch of weight on South Beach, so she adapts a lot of her recipes to it. Plus the recipes actually sound good as opposed to some cooking blogs - yuck.

You might want to check it out:
Kalyn's Kitchen

Storm Damage Report

After Hurricane Thanksgiving, Monsoon Wedding, and Tropical Storm John & Melissa -- we went into a Tropical Depression and have been lost at sea for a couple of weeks.

However, we have latched onto a piece of romaine lettuce and are trying to paddle toward the beach. Is that a mirage or do I see a friend in the distance?

The damage report is too embarrassing to tell. Maybe next week after I have the sand between my toes again I'll give more details. The Cap'n did much better than I -- but he has all that sea experience :-)
paddle, paddle, paddle....

The Beach Beckons

Okay, so John and I are headed to the beach tomorrow. I'm getting all of the stuff ready tonight. I need tips and recipes (especially crock-pot friendly ones).

Are we going to see you guys there?