Monday, January 5, 2009

The Beach Beckons

Okay, so John and I are headed to the beach tomorrow. I'm getting all of the stuff ready tonight. I need tips and recipes (especially crock-pot friendly ones).

Are we going to see you guys there?


Mommy said...

Tips -
1. Stay accountable by posting each week.
2. Cook and divide -- In other words, cook a recipe and divide it into single servings right away so there is no chance to double-dip (and also it makes another meal!).
3. Measure items like nuts into snack bags and store them pre-measured in your cabinet. That makes easy grab and go snacks.
4. Three different breakfast rib-stickers -- (1) 2 hard boiled eggs (2) low-fat cottage cheese with berries on top (and a packet of spenda), (3) old fashioned whole grain oatmeal with a smidge of cinnamon, some low-fat milk, and splenda.
5. Make breakfast and lunch for the next day while you are cleaning up the dinner dishes.
6. Sugar free popsicles, dude!

rachel said...

While the food we ate on our honeymoon was absolutely wonderful...I feel as if I would be fine if I never saw another fish and chip again...I started Phase 1 Day 1 TODAY!!! I need to detox from the heavy food we ate for 2 weeks.

Thanks for the tips, Debbie! I also love the breakfast quice cups to go (I add some extra egg beaters to them though).

Also the new "SBD Supercharged" cookbook has some really good soup recipes for all phases.