Sunday, June 14, 2009

4-square gardening

This is a photo taken of our 4-square today. The front L-shape is an herb garden. The back L-shape is full of tomato plants. The square with the trellis has a row of cucumber that we hope to train up the trellis and 2 zucchini. The front L-shape has Swiss chard, buttercrunch lettuce, 4 tomatoes, and a couple of small areas of replanting. The back L-shape is shaded, so I planted turnips, spinach, beets, kale. The square in front of the shaded L-shape has collards, kale, radish, lettuce. There is also some flowers sprinkled in and around that may or may not come up. What you can't see (because the photo is too dark) is our new compost bin sitting in the black hole behind the shaded L-shape.

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