Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CNN Outdoes SNL

Is a parody of a parody a paradox? I don't know either, but when CNN fact checks Saturday Night Live -- really! -- I'm pretty sure I'm living in a parallel universe. I keep glancing nervously at my office door to see if evil Kirk and evil Spock are here to kidnap me (and, by their clothes, force me to perform in an evil intergalactic version of the Village People.)

For CNN, it's a move so desperate it reminds me of a girl from high school, Sally, whose nickname shall not be repeated in the family blog (let's just say it rhymes with nutty).

1 comment:

Briar Rose said...

so...CNN, thinks a comedy routine must be completely factual? Of course the spins they use on their stories doesn't distort the facts at all, right?