Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chicago Week-end

We had a great time in Chicago with Rachel and Josh.  It was the week-end of my birthday and they treated me to a fabulous breakfast/brunch at Orange - which is a very cool place that I definitely would like to patronize again.  The Field Museum was remarkable and not do-able in one day, or even one week-end.  Josh took us up to his office and we got to see where he works (or pretends to work :-)).
That casserole that Rachel is holding was a yummy breakfast casserole that we had before we went to the Field Museum.  She has a nick-name for it, but I have forgotten what it is, so maybe she'll remind me here.
Lots of fun -- thanks to our hosts!


rachel said...
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rachel said...

Eric Estrada!!! It's an Asiago Cheese Bagel (original recipe from Panera) Strada, that I attempted to make a bit healthier by using mostly egg whites and whole wheat bread :)

It was a fun weekend!!!

Melissa said...

That's a very empty desk Josh. Faker.

Briar Rose said...

Melissa -- what isn't so obvious is that behind his head is a window that looks down on Michigan avenue. That would be too much temptation for you, I fear.

Why aren't you here? said...

Can you make a telenovela casserole too?