Monday, October 20, 2008

Competition on The Beach

We just completed a full 9 weeks on The Beach. We're hanging in there but Cap'n is pulling ahead again. I'm thinking of packing bologna and crackers in his lunch box so he'll give me a chance to close the gap again. We plan to reward ourselves with a trip to the St. Louis Art Museum once we hit 30/25 goals. We also have a bottle of champagne chilled which will only be opened if we complete a full 12 weeks!

This week:
Cap'n 30.5
Mommy 23 lbs

We've been good beach bums, except for Friday night when we left the beach to have dinner at Del Pietros. They had this unique little side dish there called "pasta" and it was too delish to pass by.

Stay tuned for next week's Beach report.


Mommy said...

Confidentially -- You know how competition can be -- I think Cap'n may be trying to cheat. He went as far as trying to chop his finger off this week-end to make sure his lead was intact. (i.e. he has a new chain saw).

NS said...

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Melissa said...

Sheesh. You guys are rockin the Casbah!