Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkins in the Park 5K

Josh and I ran our first 5K Race yesterday! Pumpkins in the Park is a Halloween themed event in Lincoln Park. The first 3 pictures are the "before" shots and the last one is the "after". So, as you can see...we survived! We had a great time and hope to do more 5Ks! I was unsure if I could do it...I'm not much of a runner...but it was very motivating to be in a crowd with everyone, all different paces (people going for speed, recreational runners, and walkers). We had no problem running the whole time and finishing the race!

It was very entertaining, too, because people were dressed up in Halloween costumes while they were running! We went as "5K First Timers" :) But we also saw 2 guys dressed up as Barbie and Ken INSIDE the big pink Barbie boxes, a 2 person camel (where the second guy is under the sheet and crouched down), a farm scene (a barn, cow, chicken, pig, etc.), and some girls dressed as big bunches of grapes with green or purple balloons attached to their whole body! They ran the race like that--even the 2 guys in the camel suit! It was great.

We are currently taking suggestions for our costume for next year's run!!!


Melissa said...

Sweet - Congratulations!!

I just read this article in a magazine about people's favorite places for running, and Chicago was #1. That's awesome that you're taking advantage!

As for the costume, hmmm, let's see... since you're running, Josh could be a prisoner and Rachel a cop and you could be running after him the whole time ;) Or, one could be a hare and the other a tortoise. This could be fun, I'll be thinking about it... but being the second guy in that camel sounds painful.

Mommy said...

This is great! Kudos to you for getting Josh to participate. He usually makes fun of runners.
Next year's costume -- Bride & Groom with one of you chasing the other. Another idea -- Roadrunner and Wiley E. Coyote. Or maybe a poor taxpayer with his pockets hanging out empty being chased by an IRS agent. If you really want to cause a stir -- a Cubs player being chased by a Cardinals player. The ideas for next year are without limit!