Monday, March 30, 2009

Please Digg my blog, Digg is a pain so...

One more thing, can you also please Digg my blog? It would be extremely helpful and only takes a minute or two, but it's a bit convoluted, so here's the fastest/easiest way to do it.

1) Go to Digg and sign up.
2) In Digg's search box enter "the man who doesn't exist" (quotes aren't necessary)
3) You'll get terrible search results.
4) Refine your search by using the three drop-down boxes right below the new search box (which will appear roughly in the center of the page). In the first drop-down select, "title only". In the second, "all stories." In the third, "sort best match first."
5) This should yield my blog.
6)Then simply click on the white "digg it" button on the right.

Your done. Sorry so convoluted. There's an easier way to do this now that I've added new digg, stumbleupon,, etc. buttons. But if you go through the new buttons, it creates a brand new digg with no votes.

Thanks for all the help!


rachel said...

consider it dug.

John Baird said...

Rachel!!! Thank you for digging and following me. I'm up to eight diggs now. And, I have a groupie in Edinburgh -- lol!

Mommy said...

I'm dugg in...

Pope Josh I said...

It's been dugged!