Sunday, August 17, 2008

The coffee house crawl ~~

Denise & I try to go out for coffee as often as we can on Saturday mornings, and now the challenge seems to be to go to a different coffee house every time. This week we went to Kaldi's coffee house in Kirkwood. The coffee was very good, but honestly going to the coffee bar to get your "joe" and choose your blend was sort of like visiting a wine bar -- hints of vanilla, traces of blueberry, etc. Just give me the danged coffee -- and make it bold! This place was jam-packed. It seems the Kirkwoodian's like their coffee. I stood in line for 10 minutes to get two bottomless mugs and 2 gooey butter slices (one thing that's still good about The 'Lou - gooey butter cake). This was one of the biggest coffee shops I have patronized. The inside was bigger than BreadCo and the outside seating sprawled almost to the curb. We sipped on coffee so long it was time to have lunch, so we went down the street to Racanelli's for Calzones.


Pope Josh I said...

You weren't a fan of Kaldi's? That's one of my favorites!

MelissaB said...

That place sounds cool! I would love to get to pick and choose my coffee beans. Sounds awesome!!