Thursday, August 21, 2008

Political Smear

It's a given that any article that begins, "Poo and pee dominated..." must: 1) have something to do with Democrats, and 2) is an entertaining and engaging bit of journalism. (Is that a Pulitzer I smell?)

The story explains that the Denver City Council has banned carrying urine and feces for nefarious purposes. (Am I the only one surprised that heretofore it was legal? Are there shiny, happy, benevolent reasons for carrying urine and feces that I've been missing out on?)

It seems the ordinance was passed (ironic word choice), and I quote from the headline here, "With the DNC in mind..." Hmmm.

Is this what they mean by... negative coverage? ...the seedier side of politics? ...yellow journalism? ...politicians run amok? ...a Kinsley gaffe? ...flip-flopping? ...he really stepped in it?

I suppose the Dems are simply learning from past mistakes. After all, had a similar law been enacted during the 2004 election, they might have prevented John Kerry's diarrhea of the mouth.


Mommy said...

Let me get a stool and think about this....

John & Melissa Baird said...