Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where are my manners?

So protracted was my sojourn through the Ozark Hill Country that I temporarily took leave of all proprieties of social decorum. Thankfully, because of civilization's influence and a diligent focus on etiquette since my return (the rain in Spain and all that), my previous gentlemanly comportment has reasserted itself.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying, Debbie and Curt, thank you very much for the cigar. It rests comfortably in the humidor amidst its brethren. Next time you visit (which we hope is soon), we'll don smoking jackets and adjourn to the study with cigars and brandy snifters in hand.


Pope Josh I said...

This picture is going on my Facebook profile. Awesome.

Melissa said...

Hey Josh-
The guy looks like he's about to say, "Oh, hello there, I didn't see you come in...". So of course you would like it :)