Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Democratic Senator Mike Gravel Defends Palin

This may be the most fascinating interview I've heard in a long time. Democratic Senator Mike Gravel, who ran for, but obviously did not receive, the Democratic nomination for president, vigorously defends Sarah Palin against her attackers, in this case, a far-left radio show. I don't want to give away how great it is, but (Wow!) here are two examples:

(On Palin's inexperience...) "That's the same old political garbage... She doesn't put up with that much partisan silly rhetoric... The longer people stay in politics the more likely they have getting corrupted."

(On troopergate...) "Troopergate is going to come out in her favor... This trooper should have been fired. And the unions didn't want to step up to the plate... But I'll tell you what, she should have had the ability to fire him... Do they have to wait until he kills somebody before they get rid of him?"

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