Monday, September 22, 2008

Perils on the Beach

Life on the beach isn't always easy!

We've officially made it 5 full weeks. This is where we fell off the plan last time, and I remember why now -- the progress slows down so much! Let's see what happens for week # 6.

Cap'n - 19 lbs
Mommy - 17 lbs

(I'm thinking of placing some Twinkies in Cap'ns lunchbox so I can gain the lead again. :-0)


Cap'n said...

Very Cute....where did you find the video of me on that beach? If there is a Twinkie in there....I'll find it!

Melissa said...

Very funny!

Keep it up. Remember, it took you a long time to put the weight on so it's not going to peel off immediately. Also, you can always go back to phase 1 to give you a boost.

You guys are doing awesome!!

Cap'n said...

I would rather have my eyebrows pulled out with dull tweezers than to back to Phase I!!!