Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Maybe we were a bit hard on Mizzou

Those of us who watched MU beat Illinois on Saturday were a bit disappointed with the Tigers' overall play. ESPN puts things in perspective. Two excerpts sum up the story pretty well...

"...[MU] scoring the most points in school history against a ranked opponent elicits no giddiness. Hanging the most points on Illinois in its past 30 games -- three more than the Trojans scored in the Rose Bowl in January -- doesn't move the needle on the Joy-O-Meter. Watching your Heisman Trophy-candidate quarterback rack up 323 passing yards, 46 rushing yards and three passing touchdowns produces no overt fawning."

And later...

"Yo, guys: You're Missouri. Teams get five downs against you. Teams kick balls in the air and catch them for the winning touchdown against you. Your last conference championship was in 1969. "

Put that way, we look really good!

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Pope Josh I said...

I think it's good to think like an elite team.

Defense was SLOPPY