Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Greenspan Explains The Economy

Melissa and I were watching the September 14 edition of ABC's "This Week" (we're a bit behind on our political shows), and were blown away by Greenspan's ability to clearly explain a very complex subject -- the U.S. economy -- without fearmongering, hyperbole, or partisanship. What's interesting is that so much of what the media tries to depict as evil or simply based on greed, provides real value to our economy and is necessary. Greenspan's discussion of short selling is a particularly good example. Here's the link (ABC doesn't allow you to embed videos).

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Cap'n said...

I was not happy when Greenspan retired. I have listened to him before and have always been impressed. He has a real grasp on the economics and the ability to portray that to others...not an easy trait to do. Fear is the worst part of this. I will listen to this link tonight. Thanks John!