Monday, September 29, 2008

A Hard Day at The Beach

We're still on The Beach. Cap'n is kicking sand in my face and I must be eating it because I'm stalled.
Cap'n 23.5 lbs
Mommy 17 lbs
....and No, I am NOT CHEATING!
Gotta keep going....


Melissa said...

Keep going, Mom. Just because Dad passed you doesn't mean anything. Stick with it, it will eventually shake loose. A couple of things you may try... drink a couple extra glasses of water per day, watch the cheese and fat intake and try to eat more lean protein, maybe start a little exercising. You're body is just digging it's heels in, so it helps to shake things up a bit.

You're doing so good!

Pope Josh I said...

Yes, keep it up! It's really important and you guys are doing great.

Cap'n said...

Mom is doing great!! She is just competitive!